It's Santa! from gavin guss on Vimeo.

Happy solstice, everyone! To help brighten up these dark days, I made a video for my Christmas tune, "It's Santa!". It's a reworking of the '60s pop song, "Sorrow", which has been recorded by The Merseys and David Bowie. High-quality MP3 download available here:

Our new video for “Avenue A” just had its world premiere on Shindig! Magazine's website, and now here it is for all to see! With accompanying animation from the extraordinary mind of Jim Smith, take a dark journey down a forgotten street, and look out for the gazelle! Featuring cut-out cameos by Dave Fox and Dusty Hayes of the Gavin Guss Group, and vocal harmonies by the mellifluous Jonathan Auer.

Pick up the vinyl release of “On High” at your local record shop, or you can order a copy directly from this website. All vinyl albums come with a unique Mp3 download code, or you can purchase the digital-only version from iTunes.

The reviews are sill coming in:

“…A good old-fashioned 12-track, 32-minute blast of assured pop thrills.”
Shindig! Magazine

“Vibrant guitars, a pleasing croon, and crisp production make On High a dulcet, catchy spin.”
Seattle Weekly

“The songs are loaded with hooks and infectious melodies, and the catchiness quotient never wanes.”

“Gavin Guss returns after his sharp debut and happy to report there isn't a sophomore slump...the brilliant “Will To Fly” with its solid melody and catchy chorus really impressed me.”

Meanwhile, we still have some copies of the new single, on pretty coke-bottle green vinyl with a color picture sleeve: Riga in the Fall, from the “On High” album. It's out on Fin Records in a limited edition of 500, and includes a non-album B side, Place in France.
Riga in the Fall
Riga in the Fall 45 - $6.99 (U.S. Shipping):
Riga in the Fall 45 - $6.99 (Int'l. Shipping):

I have a few original, shrink-wrapped CDs from my old band, TubeTop. The album, “Three Minute Hercules”, features 12 songs, and still sounds pretty good to my ears.
Three Minute Hercules $19.99 (U.S. Shipping):
Three Minute Hercules $19.99 (Int'l. Shipping):

On High

Click below to purchase the On High vinyl LP with Mp3 download code through .

On High LP - $16.99 (U.S. Shipping):
On High LP - $16.99 (Int'l. Shipping):

On High

Click below to purchase the CD of Gavin's first solo record, Mercury Mine, and also receive the Mp3s.
Or you can just purchase the digital album, which includes high-quality Mp3s and all original artwork:

Mercury Mine CD - $10.99 (U.S. Shipping):
Mercury Mine CD - $10.99 (Int'l. Shipping):
Mercury Mine Digital Album - $6.99:

What the press has to say about Mercury Mine:

“Pure now for pop people, this is.”
- Goldmine Magazine

“...Full of irresistible pop melodies and songs that range from wistful to mournful, these emotions often ping-ponging within the same track. A fine work that could rank on several Top 10 of 2010 lists. If you're a pop music junkie who likes a bit of full-bodied mellow in their music, you can do no better than Mercury Mine.”
- Bucketfull Of Brains (The Bob)

“Pure ear candy that is not to be missed.”

“Just exploding with indie-pop goodness. You don't get songs like this very often these days and that's a shame. Makes you glad that guys like Guss exist.”

“Mercury Mine is simply a power pop lover's dream.
- Bill's Music Forum